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Orange Aerial was founded in 2012 as a mutual marketing platform between 3 partners, Nord FilmService, Frost Media and Nord Helikopter.

In 2015 OrangeAerial became a holding company for Nord Filmservice, 100% owned by mr Reidar Isaksen. OrangeAerial also became a joint stock company at the same time.

Nord FilmService was founded in 1986 by Mr Reidar Isaksen and has served the Norwegian film market with gyro stabilized equipment and helicopters since then. He was the first to import Tyler Middle Mount II and Tyler Nose Mount to Norway.

Nord Helikopter was founded in 2007 by Mr Knut Flakk. Nord Helicopter operates 6 Airbus 350 B3 and has a staff of highly experienced pilots and technicians. The helicopters are located at Aalesund Airport and share a hangar with Orange Aerial. This offer great logistics to any client traveling to Norway for an aerial shoot.

Aalesund is located in the western part of Norway. To the south-east lies the Alps of Sunnmoere and the beautiful fjords, like the UNESCO world heritage fjord Geiranger. To the east the famous Troll Wall and the curved road Trollstigen, one of Norway most visited attractions. Directly to the west lies the North Sea with its many small islands, nice lighthouses and sanded beaches. To the north lies the famous Atlantic Road with its spectacular bridges – all within 30 minutes flight time.

When the shoot is prepared, just fly to Aalesund Airport, walk over to our waiting helicopter and fly off to do your aerials!



  • Nord FilmService founded in 1986
  • Nord FilmService the first to import Tyler Middle Mount II and Tyler Nose Mount to Norway in 1986/87
  • Nord Helikopter was established in 2007
  • Cineflex V14 imported to Norway in 2009
  • Nord FilmService first to import Tyler Mini Gyro in 2009
  • Founded in 2012 by 3 partners, as a mutual marketing platform
  • New ShotOver F1 imported to Norway in 2014
  • Nord FilmService first to import Tyler Gyrobot in 2014

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